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a family-run business that processes + supplies australian-grown

apricot kernels + stones + oil


about chitree

We are a small, artisanal, family-run business that sources and processes high-quality, Australian-grown apricot kernels for hand-crafting body scrubs, soaps and oils. During our in-house processing we take the utmost care, oversee quality control and only crack a few days' supply at a time, so we can provide you with the freshest Australian apricot kernels!


about our kernels

How are Australian apricot kernels different from those imported from overseas? For a start, although imported apricot kernels may claim to be "raw", this does not equate to "living", "unaltered" or "100% natural". If you'd like to learn more about why our apricot kernels are superior in quality, you can read more by clicking on the button below.


we are australia's first online provider and processor of exclusively australian-grown apricot kernels


our kernels come in 1kg packs for easy handling + storage and our stones are available in 5kgs minimum

Guaranteed Australian-grown, living and processed by hand in Australia - what's not to love about ChiTree Apricot Kernels. Pop over to our online store via the button below.


Exclusively Australian.