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Money-back Guarantee

Our seed is hand-sorted to a high standard and a quality that arguably can not be matched in Australia. How can we make that claim? It is because we use only Australian grown kernels and we process and hand-sort them ourselves, just small batches at a time in order to offer our customers the freshest product possible. We are not aware of anyone else in Australia who is offering this service.  If you don't personally agree with the level of freshness or value of the product, simply return the remnants to us and we'll refund the original purchase price AND postage.  We feel confident because we can guarantee that our kernels are 100% Australian, untreated and living.

We package our product within clear, oxygen barrier bags. We're proud of our apricot kernels and have no need to conceal them or anything within them. 

We also guarantee our product is aflatoxin-free.